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Trails & Tribulations (2LP)
EAN: 5038622137717
Artikel-Nr.: 2213771
Format: Vinyl LP
Vö-Datum: 01.09.2017
Publisher: Weatherbox
Genre: Folk
Preiscode: 291
Simpson, Martin
Der bekannte Gitarrist und Singer / Songwriter mit seinem 20. Soloalbum in seiner 40 Jahre umspannenden Karriere.

Der bekannte Gitarrist und Singer / Songwriter mit seinem 20. Soloalbum in seiner 40 Jahre umspannenden Karriere.

World renowned guitarist, singer and songwriter Martin Simpson releases his 20th solo album in 40 years ‘Trails & Tribulations’ on September 1st 2017 via Topic Records. The brand-new studio album, his first new solo work since 2013’s widely praised ‘Vagrant Stanzas’, will be available as two 180g vinyl discs packaged in a heavyweight gatefold sleeve with two full colour inner bags.
‘Trails & Tribulations’ is a collection of songs about nature, about travels and about real life stories. There are traditional songs, poems and contemporary songs by great writers, and songs that I had to write because nobody else knew what I wanted to say. I travel, I learn songs, I write and try to get better at the skills required for me to do my job. I look at the world as I pass by, on the road, out of the train window, or as I stop and pay close attention to the square foot under my nose. There is so much to see and to hear and to inspire and to try and understand. I had a huge amount of fun playing and recording these songs, using different instruments, different noises, old friends and new ones, all of whom brought so much to the mix. Martin Simpson, April 2017. Produced and engineered by Andy Bell, ‘Trails & Tribulations’ features some of Martin’s most inventive playing yet, showcasing his virtuosity on a variety of instruments including acoustic guitars, resonator guitars, Weissenbown lap steel guitar, electric guitars, 5 string banjo, ukulele – and voice. Guest musicians on the new album are: Ben Nichols (string bass and electric bass guitars), Toby Kearney (drums and percussion), Nancy Kerr (fiddle and viola), Andy Cutting (diatonic accordion and melodeon), John Smith (electric guitar and backing vocals), Helen Bell (strings), Amy Newhouse-Smith (backing vocals) and his daughter Molly Simpson on vocals

Side 1 1. Blues Run The Game 4.31 2. Bones and Feathers 5.31 3. Thomas Drew 3.42 Side 2 4. East Kentucky 3.41 5. Katherine Of Aragon Interlude 0.27 6. A ballad For Katherine Of Aragon 5.24 7. Maps 3.57 Side 3 8. St James Hospital 4.41 9. Jaspers/Dancing Shoes 6.21 10. Ridgeway 3.27 Side 4 11 Rufford Park Poachers 5.36 12. Reynardine Interlude 0.51 13. Reynardine 4.51