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Funeral Shakes
EAN: 5060463414061
Artikel-Nr.: 6341406
Format: CD
Vö-Datum: 16.02.2018
Publisher: Essential Sales and Marketing Ltd. / Silent Cult
Genre: Rock
Preiscode: 210
Funeral Shakes
Das Debut der Rockband, die aus The Smoking Hearts hervorging.

Das Debut der Rockband, die aus The Smoking Hearts hervorging.

When would you ever want to hear a song about people who’ve lived happily ever after? Never! You want to listen to the negative stuff, all wrapped up in a happy tune.” Funeral Shakes guitarist Simon Barker is the first one to admit that his new band’s self-titled debut album is not for those who bask in the glory of love. You know, like Peter Cetera’s saccharin anthem from The Karate Kid Part II. Nope. They’re songs for those who’ve taken a proper beating by heartache, picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and limped home. But first, a little backstory. The Smoking Hearts were a five-piece rock n’ roll band who promised to bring excitement wherever they went. But after two outstanding albums – 2010’s OPridef Nowhere and its 2013 follow-up Victory! – Barker and bassist Calvin Roffey realised their new ideas had no place in the band. There was no point in trying to shoehorn them into The Smoking Hearts’ rough-and-tumble, boisterous rock n’ roll. These new ideas had melodies, a different slant. It was time, then, to try a different tack. Funeral Shakes entered Watford’s Titan Studios with producer Steve Sears (The Hell, Krokodil, Palm Reader) and set about recording their debut.

1. Over You 2. The Motions 3. Lightning 4. Lovebirds 5. Circles 6. Gold Teeth 7. Gin Palace 8. Howl 9. Bon Voyage 10. Soap 11. Safari 12. You're So Bad