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Don't Give Up On Love
EAN: 767981160726
Artikel-Nr.: 8116072
Format: CD
Vö-Datum: 12.05.2017
Publisher: Essential Sales and Marketing Ltd. / Fat Possum
Genre: Soul/Funk
Preiscode: 210
Bryant, Don
Don Bryant schriebt Soul-Klassiker wie "I can't stand the rain". Das neue Album der 75-jährigen Soul-Legende ist ein richtig zeitloses großes Album.

Auch wenn Don Bryant bei dem legendären Soul-Label Hi-Records nicht als einer der führenden Künstler vermarktet wurde, war er doch ein integraler Bestandteil der Firma. So gehörte er zum Songwriter-Team von Willie Mitchell u.a. für Al Green und war als Sänger auf etlichen Aufnahmen zu hören. Als Co-Autor von "I Can't Stand The Rain" von Ann Peebles schrieb er auch einen der größten Hits des Labels mit. Zudem ist er seit 1974 mit Ann Peebles verheiratet.
Nun im Alter von 74 Jahren legt Don Bryant endlich wieder ein fantastisches neues Soulalbum vor, auf dem er zeigt, dass er sich auch im hohen Alter problemlos mit den Großen der Zunft messen kann.

Age. Some things do get better with age. Like the slow grind. Kids are always in a hurry-not enough time in the day, not enough minutes in the hour, too many things to do and places to be. Age makes us appreciate the depth in experiences, the range of senses in a single moment, a single touch. Instead of trying to fill 60 different seconds, age opens up the fullness of a single minute. Less becomes so much more. Oh, the slow grind. Don Bryant gets inside it, slows it further, fills every little crevice with sensuous feeling, with yearning, with pain and love. You know that old song that O. V. Wright did so well in 1971 that no one can ever do the song again (as much as everyone tries)-"Nickel and a Nail"? O. V. Wright has held tight to that song and rightfully so. But not no mo. Don has slowed it, made it a richer and deeper experience. Not to take anything from O.V.-he made it possible for others to try, for Don to succeed. But O. V., after nearly half a century, now you gotta step aside. Don Bryant is here. Though it ain't like he just showed up. The roots of this record are in the Memphis church. That's where Don Bryant began singing when he was 5. He joined his father's family vocal group, then formed a gospel quartet for a high school radio gig. Broadcasting broadened the audience and they went secular, singing pop at WLOK on Dick "Cane" Cole's popular show. Kids walking to school every morning listened to Don and the Four Canes. After parting with the DJ, they took a very real step toward careers when, as the Four Kings, they began fronting Willie Mitchell's band. Willie Mitchell led the swingingest, groovin'est band in the Memphis-Mississippi-Arkansas area-the American music floodplain. (He would later discover Al Green and make him-and keep him-a star.) Willie's band was known for instrumental records, but when they'd play at Danny's in West Memphis. Don's group fronted them, the voices that pulled dancers onto the floor. But the group broke up, as groups will do, and Willie, who was touring concert venues and dance halls, needed a vocalist who could play with his supple, slinky funky beats. The Four Kings were deposed, but Willie anointed Don Bryant. Don could stand in front of Willie's orchestra and lead.

1. A Nickel and a Nail 2. Something About You 3. It Was Jealousy 4. First You Cry 5. I Got To Know 6. Don't Give Up On Love 7. How Do I Get Theer? 8. Can't Hide the Hurt 9. One Ain't Enough 10. What Kind of Love