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Welcome Back (Remastered Edition)
EAN: 884502800524
Artikel-Nr.: 8845028
Format: CD
Vö-Datum: 15.09.2017
Publisher: Essential Sales and Marketing Ltd. / Funky Town Grooves
Genre: Soul/Funk
Preiscode: 207
Blue Magic
Blue Magics bestes Album

Blue Magics bestes Album, 1981 aufgenommen.

Blue Magic’s 1981 Capitol release, WELCOME BACK, arrived at a time when soul and R&B music had resurfaced as a popular genre yet in a different manner. While heavy funk grooves & well-crafted ballads driven by rhythm sections/horns/strings were the norm in the 1970s, the rise of synthesizers & drum machines in the 80s resulted in light pop-driven arrangements – evident in hits by Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio (“A Woman Needs Love”) and the Four Tops (“When She Was My Girl”).

1. The Oscar 2. Feeling The Love 3. Who Could Ever Leave You ? 4. Welcome Back 5. Land Of Make Believe 6. Seems I Haven't Seen Her 7. Standin' On The Edge Of A Love Affair 8. Let There Be Love 9. All I Really Need Is You 10. Remember November