Various - The Vinyl Revival (RSD 2019)

Various - The Vinyl Revival (RSD 2019)

Katalog: Musik
EAN: 5060156913277
Bestellnummer: 5691327
Veröffentlichung: 12.04.2019
Set-Inhalt: 1
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Alternative
Label: Distiller
Anbieter: Essential Sales and Marketing Ltd.
Preiscode: 826
This is a compilation album that accompanies critically acclaimed Pip Piper's documentary, The... mehr
Produktinformationen "Various - The Vinyl Revival (RSD 2019)"
This is a compilation album that accompanies critically acclaimed Pip Piper's documentary, The Vinyl Revival, which is the official documentary of RSD 219. It will be packaged and sold with a digital download of the documentary and vinyl. This documentary features Disitller's Cassia and the label's state of the art studio. There will be a World Premiere for the documentary on 11 April.

The documentary is adapted from Graham Jones' book The Vinyl Revival And The Shops That Made It Happen - It explains why more than a hundred more record shops have opened since 29, and how others have gained the reward from their hard work. Budget turntables, manufactures, supermarkets, chain stores, clothes shops, pressing plants and even the government are among the many who have benefited from their efforts.

Graham Jones has spent 32 years travelling the UK selling to independent record shops and visited more record shops than any other human. This book guides you around the record shops of the UK who sell new vinyl. He has gathered some fascinating and funny anecdotes told him by our much-loved record shop staff so that when you visit you will feel like you already know the characters behind the counters. It is perfect for vinyl fans to keep with them on their travels around the country.

The book is available from Proper Music -

1. 100 Times Over - Cassia
2. Wrong Side - Anteros
3. Fool Moon - Anteros
4. Small Spaces - Cassia
5. Reformation (Alt Mix) - The Ninth Wave
6. Spinning - Bloody Knees
7. Strangers - The Ramona Flowers
8. Used To Be Yours - The Ninth Wave
9. Buzzkiller - Danny Goffey
10. If You Remember (Luxury Remix) - The Ramona Flowers
11. Take Me For A Ride - Holy Oysters