Liminanas, The - Malamore

Liminanas, The - Malamore

Katalog: Musik
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Bestellnummer: 2156430
Veröffentlichung: 20.05.2016
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Verpackung: Digipack, DigiPak
Format: CD
Genre: Alternative
Label: Because Music
Anbieter: WAS Word and Sound
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Die französische Band arbeitet seit 2009 der swingenden Tradition von Serge Gainsbourg und dem... mehr
Produktinformationen "Liminanas, The - Malamore"
Die französische Band arbeitet seit 2009 der swingenden Tradition von Serge Gainsbourg und dem yé-yé sound der 60er Jahre. Die Limiñanas verbinden sonnige Psychedelia mit Vintage- Pop. Die Band aus Perpignan, France, besteht aus der Drummerin und manchmal-Sägerin Marie Limiñana und dem Bassisten, Organist und Hans-Dampf-in-allen Gassen Lionel Limiñana. Gastsängerinnen sind Stars wie MU. Mit ihrer Kombi aus angezerrten Orgeln, halb gesprochenen, halb gesungenen Vocals und der coolen Retro-Produktion zelebriert die Band die Sexyness des 60ies-French-Sounds. Als spielten Lou Reed und Serge Gainsbourg in einer Band.

But the most notable guest features on the duo's favouriteMalamore track, the hypnotic, dreamy Garden Of Love: on bass and chorus vocals is none other than the legendary Peter Hook. We are huge fans of Joy Division and New Order, and Peter completely transformed the song, Marie and Lionel say. We are really proud of the song, and that he agreed to spare us a little bit of his time.

There are other legends on Malamore, such as The Kingmen's garage classic Louie Louie (one of Lionel's all-time favourite singles) named in the hypnotic The Dead Are Walking and actors Robert Mitchum and Robert Duvall referenced in the pulsing title track: Our story needed two tough characters who were ready to fight, to take revenge on an flouted honour. Think of Duvall in The Godfather or Apocalypse Now, and Mitchum's psycho from Cape Fear or Night Of The Hunter!

Shifting from dramatic scene to scene, Malamore - just like The Limiñanas themselves - is a magnificently moody experience, music for the ears and the eyes, and quite unlike any other record you'll hear in 2016.

1. Athen I.A
2. El Beach
3. Prisunic
4. Garden Of Love (Feat. Peter Hook)
5. Malamore
6. El Sordo
7. Dahlia Rouge
8. The Dead Are Walking
9. Kostas
10. Zippo
11. Paradise Now
12. The Rain Creep A-Loopin (Feat. Pascal Comelade)