Various - La Planete Bleue (Vol. 9)

Various - La Planete Bleue (Vol. 9)

Katalog: Musik
EAN: 7640153366863
Bestellnummer: 5336686
Veröffentlichung: 09.06.2017
Set-Inhalt: 1
Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: DigiPak
Format: CD
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Label: Mental Groove Records
Anbieter: WAS Word and Sound
Preiscode: 240
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Die neunte CD zur legendären frz. Cosmic Music Radioshow. 3-Panel-Pack mit 54-seitigem Booklet.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Various - La Planete Bleue (Vol. 9)"
Die neunte CD zur legendären frz. Cosmic Music Radioshow. 3-Panel-Pack mit 54-seitigem Booklet.

- Luxus-Package mit 54-Seiten Booklet auf Französisch und Englisch

- Die 122.Veröffentlichung von Mental Groove Music (Miss Kittin, Donato Dozzy, Frankie Bones…)

Mental Groove Records is thrilled to release the 9th volume of the longlasting and legendary radio show LA PLANETE BLEUE., created by writer, director, independent journalist, activist of extreme music and of non-aligned informations, Yves Blanc. With a broadcast syndication active since 1995, including Swiss radio Couleur 3 and French Radio Nova, LA PLANETE BLEUE is widely renowned as one of the most ambitious, exceptional and unconventional radio show of all time. In favors of the unexpected, the weekly show opens the doors to other worlds, other sounds and other ways of thinking by breaking geographical borders, eras and genres. LA PLANETE BLEUE invites the audience to experience different ways of observing and understanding our world without feeling settled with conventions.

This 9th volume collects in a continuous mix futuristic and exotic audio gems from Ecuador, Switzerland, Argentina, Niger, Germany, Korea, France, China, United Kingdom, Italy and Vanuatu, ranging from relaxing drone to ethereal pop to ambient trance and field recordings. It also includes several recordings extracted form the monumental Archives Internationales de Musique Populaire (AIMP), courtesy of the Museìe d’Ethnographie de GeneÌve (MEG).

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