Northern Plague - Manifesto

Northern Plague - Manifesto

Katalog: Musik
EAN: 4260149120731
Bestellnummer: 4912073
Veröffentlichung: 24.04.2015
Set-Inhalt: 1
Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Folter Records
Anbieter: Folter Records
Preiscode: 220
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Dann vermischen NORRHERN PLAGUE das Ganze noch mit ein wenig IMMORTAL oder auch MARDUK ('Reign... mehr
Produktinformationen "Northern Plague - Manifesto"
Dann vermischen NORRHERN PLAGUE das Ganze noch mit ein wenig IMMORTAL oder auch MARDUK ('Reign Mother War') und schmucken die Kompositionen mit atemberaubend schönen Lead-Melodien.(

Das Werk ist ein druckendes, vernichtendes Schlachtfest mit beeindruckender Harte und Tempo bei gleichzeitig dichter Atmosphäre.(

Mit einem Wort: Manifesto ist bombastisch. (

[...] aber auch der Rest des acht Stücke umfassenden akustischen Arschtritts sind es Wert sich die rund 40 Minuten Zeit zunehmen, um sich mal ordentlich das Resthirn wegblasen zu lassen! (

The bands origins go back to July of 2009, when Fenris and Saryon [exdrummer]

began having their first regular rehearsals. It was a checkered time, when solid fundaments of the future bad began to emerge. The first breakthrough came at the beggining of 2010. Then Ghorakh [bass] and Janus [guitar] joined forces with the band.

At the same time intensive preperation took place for the bands debut release. The crowning of almost a year of work was the recording session in HERTZ Studio (Bands like Vader, Decapitate and Hate recorded their albums) with the care of Wieslawski brothers The EP Blizzard of the North was created. The band gained experience by performing live and visiting more end more Polish cities. June 2011 was the time not only for the arrival of the self released EP Blizzard of the North but also starting co-operation with a new drummer - Damyen. The band once again began intensive work promoting their debut. The recording gained very good reviews in Poland and abroad what was a good excuse for a harder live performance activity. The year 2012 is the further promotion of Blizzard of the North. The band shared the stage with bands such as Decapitated, Pandemonium, Lost Soul, Frontside and Trauma. Northern Plague played also two national Tours - We are the Plague Tour 2012 and Faces of Rage Tour. At the end of 2012 band played shows on Back to the Black Tour 2012 to support the undesputed leader of heavy playing - Vader. The newest release is music-video for Pestilence song.

The year 2013 passed on intense work on the first full lenght album. After months of arduous rehearsals, the recording session began in Sound Division Studio in Warsaw. The album Manifesto was created under the eye of Arkadiusz Malta Malczewski [Behemoth, Decapitated, HATE] who was not only the producer and sound engineer, but also has done the mixing of the album. The Mastering process took place in HERTZ studio in Bialystok. Northern Plague also signed a contract with a german record label Folter Records for the release of Manifesto.

1. Century of Waste
2. Divide et Impera
3. Reign Mother War
4. Let the World Burn
5. The Edge
6. Legion
7. Unclean Words
8. Manifesto