Committee, The - Power Through Unity

Committee, The - Power Through Unity

Katalog: Musik
EAN: 4260149120748
Bestellnummer: 4912074
Veröffentlichung: 24.04.2015
Set-Inhalt: 1
Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Folter Records
Anbieter: Folter Records
Preiscode: 220
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Power Through Unity ist ein schwarzes, ein niederwalzendes, ein düsteres Album, aber gleichzeitig... mehr
Produktinformationen "Committee, The - Power Through Unity"
Power Through Unity ist ein schwarzes, ein niederwalzendes, ein düsteres Album, aber gleichzeitig auch wunderbar. (

Eher auf den Erhalt der Atmosphäre, denn auf die klare Differenz einzelner Details besinnt, hat sich das Komitee der Geschwärzten für einen leicht sumpfigen Sound entschieden - was in Anbetracht zeitgemäßer Hochglanz-Produktionen doch gleich schon wieder für die Jungs spricht und der Scheibe einen ganz besonderen Charme verleiht. (

Wiedererkennungswert, Eigenstandigkeit, hochgeschaukelte Hohepunkte und eine perfekt abgestimmte Teamleistung. (

The Committee started out as a one man project by Igor Mortis in the winter of 2007. After a dormant period a team of 4 artists was assembled and further work begun on the recording and release of the EP Holodomor. The 4 songs of the EP were accepted with great interest by the metal community and were reviewed in several magazines, sites and blogs with an average of 7 / 10

rating. This has motivated the band to continue and work even harder. The band's headquarters are in Belgium, but the members share different roots ( Dutch, French, Ukrainian and Russian ). This strange diversity allows the band to be fluid, flexible and creative with their choice of music and lyrics. The band is carving out a new path in the metal underground with new fresh concepts that leave Satanism and Demonic influences in the dust. The main focus is history, occult manipulation of the mind and fascinating past events. *The Committee is not a political band and has no interests in promoting any agenda's*. The band's motto is: History is written by the victors, we are the voice of the dead.

Originally The Committee started out as a doom metal band. However with the influence of the new members, new refreshing black metal riffs were added and subsequently brought the band to a new level. One of the trademarks of The Committee is a low, guttural guitar sound that touches the senses and emotions. The drums have different degrees of variation from slow dragging ritualistic tones to full throttle blast beats. The bass is not limited to a support act, but provides the needed variation in the form of self expressed solo's and punchy attacks. The low grinding stone vocals tell the story of pain, suffering and sheer horror.

1. Not Our Revolution 08:40
2. The Man of Steel 07:43
3. By My Bare Hands 07:01
4. The Last Goodbye 09:16
5. Katherine's Chant 09:20
6. Power Through Unity 08:34