Edensong - Years in the Garden of Years

Katalog: Musik
EAN: 763232107724
Bestellnummer: 23210772
Veröffentlichung: 30.09.2016
Set-Inhalt: 1
Limitierung: Nein
Format: CD
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Sensory Records
Anbieter: Lasers Edge
Preiscode: 215
Hinter Edensong verbirgt sich ein tief im Prog Rock der Siebziger verwurzeltes Quintett aus New... mehr
Produktinformationen "Edensong - Years in the Garden of Years"
Hinter Edensong verbirgt sich ein tief im Prog Rock der Siebziger verwurzeltes Quintett aus New York City. Ihr 2008er Debüt bekam weltweit euphorische Presse und verhalf der Band zu diversen Live Shows. Eingängiger, dennoch kraftvoll mit diversen exotisch anmutenden Instrumenten (wie die balinesische Gamelan) angereichert wird - Years In The Garden Of Years- ein Fest für Freunde von Genesis, Jethro Tull und King Crimson…

EDENSONG is a progressive rock quintet from New York City. The band's selfreleased 2008 debut The Fruit Fallen was hailed as a masterpiece by critics, and helped to pave the way for live shows and notable festival appearances throughout North America. At over 70 minutes of new music, their 2016 followup, Years In The Garden Of Years is even more ambitious than it's predecessor, and will be sure to appeal to fans of both classic progressive rock and metal. The concept album features an extended song cycle on themes of time, each song a different scale and perspective. The melodies are more memorable, the riffs more powerful, the flute playing more inventive and propulsive. The songs prominently feature immersive new textures, from lush keyboard and orchestral arrangements to esoteric percussion from around the world, such as hang drum and balinese gamelan. Years In The Garden Of Years is mastered with audiophile precision by grammy winning engineer BOB KATZ, and the cd release features stunning original cover art and booklet illustrations from beloved surrealist painter DAN MAY.

1. Cold City
2. End Times In Retrospect
3. In The Longest Of Days
4. The Hollowed
5. Down The Hours
6. Chronos
7. Generations
8. The Atman Apocalypse
9. Regenerations
10. Yawn Of A Blink