Demarsan, Eric / OST - Le Cercle Rouge (Original Soundtrack)

Demarsan, Eric / OST - Le Cercle Rouge (Original Soundtrack)

Katalog: Musik
EAN: 4260544823688
Bestellnummer: 4482368
Veröffentlichung: 03.08.2018
Set-Inhalt: 1
Format: Vinyl LP
Genre: Soundtrack/Filmmusik
Verpackung: Vinyl
Label: We Release Jazz
Anbieter: WAS Word and Sound
Preiscode: 770
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Offizielles Reissue des OST von Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1970 Film Noir Klassiker. Limited... mehr
Produktinformationen "Demarsan, Eric / OST - Le Cercle Rouge (Original Soundtrack)"
Offizielles Reissue des OST von Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1970 Film Noir Klassiker.

Limited Edition 180 Gramm Vinyl, Mastered at half speed und mit 4 unveröffentlichten Bonustracks.

We Release Jazz is delighted to present the official reissue of the original soundtrack of Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1970 film noir classic Le Cercle Rouge (starring Alain Delon, Bourvil, Gian Maria Volontè, and Yves Montand) composed by French soundtrack master Eric Demarsan, available on limited edition 180g vinyl LP mastered at half speed and including 4 bonus tracks not available on previous pressings of the album.

Eric Demarsan’s compositions for Le Cercle Rouge draw from the orchestral spirit of the Modern Jazz Quartet (as requested by Melville who loved John Lewis’ work), abstraction and minimalism to create a suspenseful and hypnotizing audio landscape which elegantly underlines the tense atmosphere of unavoidable fate that shrouds the movie and the doleful beauty of its characters. Simply put, it’s the finest combination of underworld existentialism, coldblooded chic, and crime jazz!

Le Cercle Rouge boasts the participation of celebrated jazz players Guy Pedersen (bass), Daniel Humair (drums), Georges Arvanitas (piano), and Bernard Lubat (vibraphone).

Starting as a collaborator of François de Roubaix and Michel Magne in the 60s, Eric Demarsan went on to become a mainstay of French cinema soundtracks, composing for directors such as Jean-Pierre Mocky, Costa-Gavras, and Patrice Leconte among others. He also recorded the cult album Pop Symphony (for Pierre Cardin in 1970) under the Jason Havelock pseudonym.

A1 Le Cercle Rouge A2 Corey Revient Chez Lui A3 Final Inédit Version 2 A4 Sur Les Toits A5 Corey Et Mattei A6 Vogel S'enfuit A7 Quand Les Hommes Ont Rendez-Vous A8 Razzia Chez Boucheron A9 Barrage Policier (first time on vinyl) A10 Les Habitants Du Placard B1 Avenue Paul-Doumer (first time on vinyl) B2 Avant Le Casse Version 1 B3 Un Indicateur Scrupuleux B4 Corey Et Vogel B5 Melvillade B6 Avant Le Casse Version 2 (first time on vinyl) B7 De La Prison Au Train (first time on vinyl) B8 Le Voyage De Corey B9 Cercle Désincarné