Rod Modell - Captagon

Rod Modell - Captagon

Katalog: Musik
EAN: 666017335827
Bestellnummer: 1733582
Veröffentlichung: 19.07.2019
Set-Inhalt: 1
Verpackung: Digipack, DigiPak
Format: CD
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Label: Tresor
Anbieter: WAS Word and Sound
Preiscode: 210
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Der aus der Gegend um Detroit stammende Produzent Roderick Julian Modell ist seit Ende der 90er... mehr
Produktinformationen "Rod Modell - Captagon"
Der aus der Gegend um Detroit stammende Produzent Roderick Julian Modell ist seit Ende der 90er Jahre unter einer ganzen Reihe von Pseudonymen aktiv: DeepChord, Echospace, cv313, Imax und Global Systems Silently Moving veröffentlichten Tracks machen ihn zu einer Ausnahmeerscheinung in der Techno-Szene. Als Rod Modell debutiert er für Tresor mit härterem atmosphärischem Techno. Die CD Version enthält drei BONUS TRACKS

Tresor Records is delighted to welcome Rod Modell to its catalogue, with the release of his new album Captagon.

Rod Modell needs no introduction, his various projects render him a master of techno. In repetition and barely noticeable change, Modell resculptures perceptions. His sound-design echoes cinematic ethereality, where ferric artefacts slam against percussion, rusty delays filter observation - the resulting web is a complex, radiating ambience that etches a natural ebb and flow.

Transformative sounds alight from the outset, Triangulation recalls flickering harmonies and grains, a tectonic swipe. Fast-paced dub techno emerges in Reiki, the disorienting clangs suggesting a step away from his recent ambient excursions. Ito crunches the pulse further with insistent noise, into soaring epiphanies of darkened transmissions.

Modell singularly uproots standard sonic hierarchies of techno production, crisp static as forceful as his beats, a provocation of rhythm and noise. Unceasing in its fast tempo, Jade is trademark Tresor business - the seismic sub-sonics underpin a momentous drive, with reverberated vocal inflections disfiguring warped, dancing materials. Scrawler is upfront and direct, a slamming groove and swaying chords di using ethereality. Enter vast chambers of smeared minimalism.

Where Modell’s recent releases had indicated a priority for ambient sounds, this new album extends Modell’s essential vision within techno. Closing track Air-Port shows Modell at his most crucial best - an ethereal colossus of sub-bass weight and morphing geometry.

1. Triangulation 02:58
2. Reiki 05:18
3. ITO 05:55
4. Riga 05:38
5. Jade 06:12
6. Tracer 06:19
7. Scrawler 05:32
8. Qurra 05:44
9. Air-Port 07:41 CD BONUS TRACKS
10. Jade (DAL Remix) 06.43
11. Sukra 04.37
12. Kuu 05:06