Grauzone - Raum

Grauzone - Raum

Katalog: Musik
EAN: 4251648414889
Bestellnummer: 4841488
Veröffentlichung: 06.12.2019
Set-Inhalt: 1
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Alternative
Format: Vinyl 12
Label: WRWTFWW Records
Anbieter: WAS Word and Sound
Preiscode: 220
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Der Grauzone-Klassiker von 1980 zum ersten Mal auf 12-Vinyl! Mit Reworks von Naum Gabo (Optimo,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Grauzone - Raum"
Der Grauzone-Klassiker von 1980 zum ersten Mal auf 12-Vinyl! Mit Reworks von Naum Gabo (Optimo, Liquid Liquid) und DJ Ata (Robert Johnson Club, Playhouse/Klang/Ongaku).

WRWTFWW Records is beyond thrilled to announce the first ever vinyl maxi-single release for Raum, Grauzone’s best-kept secret and underground mega-gem from 1980. The four-track affair includes the full title track sourced from the original reels, as well as a club-ready rework by Naum Gabo (Jonnie Wilkes of Optimo and James Savage) with help from Dennis Young of Liquid Liquid, and an extended edit by legendary Frankfurt DJ Ata (Robert-Johnson club, Playhouse/Klang/Ongaku labels). The 12 inch vinyl is cut at 45rpm and comes with a never-seen cover art by band member Stephan Eicher and a handmade Xerox hype sticker.

Initally released almost 40 years ago on the beloved compilation Swiss Wave - The Album (Off Course Records) alongside the band’s massive hit Eisbär, Raum is the biggest Grauzone track people have yet to discover. An über-infectious New York style bassline played by Christian GT Trüssel and frantic drumming by Marco Repetto’s blend with Martin Eicher’s hauntingly hopeless lyrics and Claudine Chirac’s saxophone escapades to personify post-punk heaven and all its wonderful anomalies. It’s disco with an edge, pop filled with fear, it’s The Cure infused with proto-techno and Swiss art chic. Or maybe, it’s simply one hell of a song that will make you dance and shout. It’s good!

Further on the a-side, Naum Gabo’s rework takes Grauzone to modern dance floors with a thumping track and bounce-inducing groove on which Liquid Liquid’s very own Dennis Young adds magic in the form of marimba, Roto Toms, and EBowed guitar. The energy is electric, the sound is huge, a club banger with extra heart, ready for sound systems of all kinds.

The b-side features Ata Macias’ fabled extended version of Raum (first released in 2010 via Live at Robert Johnson) that Stephan Eicher described as the perfect Grauzone edit (and it is!), plus a straight to the point radio edit of Naum Gabo’s rework.

This release follows WRWTFWW’s reissue of Grauzone’s Eisbär maxi single as part of the 40 years anniversary of the band. There is much more coming…stay tuned!

1. Raum
2. Raum (Naum Gabo Rework)
3. Raum (Ata’s Extended Edit)
4. Raum (Naum Gabo Rework - Radio Edit)