CMON - Confusing Mix Of Nations (LP)

CMON - Confusing Mix Of Nations (LP)

Katalog: Musik
EAN: 184923128116
Bestellnummer: 2312811
Veröffentlichung: 03.04.2020
Set-Inhalt: 1
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Alternative
Label: Mexican Summer
Anbieter: Kemado Group Inc
Preiscode: 271
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Das neue Signing auf Mexican Summer CMON (Josh da Costa, Jamen Whitelock) verbindet staubigen... mehr
Produktinformationen "CMON - Confusing Mix Of Nations (LP)"
Das neue Signing auf Mexican Summer CMON (Josh da Costa, Jamen Whitelock) verbindet staubigen Indierock mit elektronischen Mitteln. Weil die Leute immer erst auf den DJ abgehen...

CMON is the new recording project of Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock. Even as they established themselves as integral members of New York’s DIY scene with their band Regal Degal, da Costa and Whitelock were acutely aware of how closed off they had become.

As Regal Degal mounted its final tour, with clubs pushing their set times earlier and earlier to make space for the DJs who followed da Costa and Whitelock took notes. We were definitely getting swept further from where we wanted to be and the excitement we wanted to portray, Whitelock says. There’s such joy in going out and dancing that was completely missing in a lot of shows, especially in New York. Nobody wants to move, everyone’s too self-conscious. But when you go to the club, everyone’s in it—you just want to dance, and that’s all that matters.


Side A
1. Coo
2. Good To Know
3. Dreamfucking
4. Celluloid
5. Mindboggling
Side B
1. Peter Pan
2. Sam
3. Zoo
4. Base
5. Letdown