Duke Spirit, The - KIN (feat. Mark Lanegan, Terry Edwards, Sam Windett)

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Veröffentlichung: 03.06.2016
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Tolles Album mit gutem Songwriting. Klingt manchmal wirklich wie klassischer 90er Shoegaze, der... mehr
Produktinformationen "Duke Spirit, The - KIN (feat. Mark Lanegan, Terry Edwards, Sam Windett)"
Tolles Album mit gutem Songwriting. Klingt manchmal wirklich wie klassischer 90er Shoegaze, der Gesang erinnert an Cocteau Twins und auch an Beth Gibbons von Portishead.

Jeder kann ein Duke sein…. The Duke Spirit, das ist Rock, der nach Garage riecht und irgendwo zwischen dem Sound von My Bloody Valentine, den Pixies und den Yeah Yeah Yeahs liegt. Einfluss auf diese melodiöse, phantasievoll dunkle Musik nimmt die europäische Kunst und Kultur ebenso wie die Route 66. The Duke Spirit kultivieren klassischen Rock'n'Roll mit Blues-Einflüssen und passen sich nicht jedem Trend an. Sängerin Liela Moss und Gitarrist Luke Ford lernten sich im britischen Cheltenham auf der Kunstschule kennen und begannen Songs zu schreiben. Bald darauf ziehen die Gleichgesinnten nach London, wo sie auf Bassist Toby Butler stoßen. Die Gitarristen Dan Higgins und Drummer Olly Betts komplettieren die Band 2003. Mit der Zeit verbuchen die Briten nach drei Alben Auftritte in allen großen amerikanischen Late Night-Talkshows, der Track Send A Little Love Token findet gar den Weg auf die fünfte Ausgabe der Guitar Hero-Videospielserie. Unter den Fittichen von Andrew Scheps (Mixer von u.a. Metallica und Red Hot Chili Peppers) nehmen sie im Jahr 2011 ihr drittes Album Bruiser auf, das im September veröffentlicht wird.

Das Album des Londoner Quartetts um Liela Moss, die auch UNKLE am Mikrofon unterstützt, wurde produziert von Simon Raymonde (Bella Union / Cocteau Twins). Mit Gästen wie Mark Lanegan, Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey/Gallon Drunk) und Sam Windett (Archie Bronson Outfit).

PIAS put the Neptune album out, and they had me go out there for a press day. They were pretty communicative and we did some good short tours but got no festival action. We've always had ace shows in Berlin and Hamburg - the last Berlin show was at a venue called LIDO to approx 400 people back in 2012. (We had steadily grown the Berlin live fan base, from a couple of sell-outs at Magnet, creeping up to the bigger places and with no continuity of live agent or promoter. It changed somewhere along the line when mgmt changed, and we ended up with a slightly odd fella from KBK which was a slightly weird company.) We also had a really good turn out end of 2011 (?) at the C-Club which is 800 cap (it didn't sell out but I definitely recall it was really well attended and we were chuffed on the night, so it could have been 600 people).

The Neptune album had wide ranging German press and was really well received, we got good reviews and one in particular was noted in German Rolling Stone. We got a fairly good review for the following album, Bruiser in German Rolling Stone too but the Neptune-era was deffo more noteworthy.

We've played in Munich, Hanover, Cologne and Dusseldorf too.

There contact at PIAS Germany was someone called Meetz - who is or was Head of Promotion at PIAS

The London 4-piece return with an album brimming with new sounds amid a vibrant energy, flecked with sublimely delicate, intimate spaces and recorded by Simon Raymonde (Bella Union / Cocteau Twins). At the core is a deep respect for the frailty of life and the nobility that can be observed in death. Sonar, a highly emotional Liela Moss vocal, delivers a poignant goodbye to a loved one, framed by a magnificent circular guitar hook around which organs, bass and drums carry prayer and eulogy. There are some maverick guest appearances throughout the record, Mark Lanegan, Raymonde himself, longterm DS collaborator Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey/Gallon Drunk) and old friend Sam Windett from Archie Bronson Outfit is here also to duet with Liela on the wiry post-punk vibes of Side By Side. One of the many standouts on the album is Pacific, a hyper vigilant and introspective tale of travel and self-discovery, of the realisation that often silence is a better way to communicate than with words. Adding to the tension, a force that pulls you in deep throughout the album, is a beautiful melody at the start of the song played on the saw by Mara Carlyle who also lends her effortlessly fluid voice to this and Sonar. Despite these cameos, this is about The Duke Spirit, who in ten glorious songs, have resurfaced effortlessly and quietly, with one of the most exhilarating albums of this year.

1. Blue and Yellow Light
2. Sonar
3. Wounded Wing
4. Hands
5. Here Comes The Vapour
6. Pacific
7. Anola
Side By Side
9. 100 Horses Run
10. Follow